Insurance Information

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Insurance Information

At Medical Lake Dental Clinic, we accept many dental insurance plans and will file claims on your behalf, saving you both time and hassle. Our knowledgeable benefit coordinators will help you maximize your dental benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket cost. We will tell you upfront what your insurance plan is estimated to pay for and offer options for taking care of any remaining balance.

Insurance Carriers

We accept and honor most dental insurance plans. The following are just a few of the dental insurance carriers we are in network with:

Don’t see your insurance listed above? Please call our office for more information at: 509-299-5171

Payment Methods we accept:

Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Care Credit.

What is the difference between PPO and HMO plans?


(Preferred Provider Organization) is the most common form of insurance. The member is provided with a list of participating dentists to choose from, however, can go wherever they choose as long as the dental office of choice accepts that insurance. Preferred providers have agreed to a lower fee schedule, which provides you with greater cost savings. For Example, a  company may pay 50% on major treatment (crowns, bridges, partials), 80% for basic care (fillings), and up to 100% for preventative care (exams, x-rays, and some cleanings). Annual maximums generally range from $1,000 to $2,000.


(Health Maintenance Organization) also known as capitated or prepaid insurance, HMO plans were designed to provide members with basic care at the lowest rate.  Members are required to go to a participating provider. That provider receives a monthly capitation check for patients assigned to the office. This amount is usually only a few dollars and is intended to offset the administrative costs. HMOs generally do not pay for services rendered. Fees are usually greatly reduced, and the patient is solely responsible for paying the dental office.

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